If you work for an enterprise IT organization, we recommend that you register using your LinkedIn or Office 365 account, so that all your information can be pre-populated during registration and to avoid managing another set of credentials. 

Alternatively, you may create a new set of credentials using your corporate email address.

Here are the steps to get started: 

  1. Go to the OneIQ portal

  2. To use LinkedIn or Office 365 account, click on the corresponding icon below

  3. Otherwise, specify your corporate email address and fill out all the registration details

  4. Click Sign up

  5. Choose IT Operations if you are a part of the IT operations team in the existing organization
    Choose Technology Advisor if you help clients design and optimize Hybrid IT.

Instead, you can click on the LinkedIn, or Microsoft icon and sign up. 

Note: use factual first and last name instead of the company name / department upon registering.

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