OneIQ brings together distributed teams and partners to collaboratively analyze, design and optimize Hybrid IT infrastructure and operations.



If you work for an enterprise IT organization, you have access to the OneIQ Free Edition.

Once you have registered with OneIQ, you can collect inventory data from application workloads and the underlying IT infrastructure by deploying an agent-less OneIQ Pulse data collector on a single machine inside your network. 

OneIQ Pulse will collect inventory and performance data from your IT infrastructure and synchronize this data with the OneIQ Portal, where you can analyze this data in your private IT environment.

If a Technology Advisor would like to collaborate with you, they can invite you into a workspace. Upon joining, you will need to specify the data visibility settings for Technology Advisors and other workspace collaborators. Technology Advisors can help you analyze your application workloads and recommend cost-optimized IT infrastructure solutions that will meet application workload demands at the lowest possible cost.

Technology Advisors

If you work for or partner with a technology vendor licensed by OneIQ, you may have access to the OneIQ Sponsored Edition with advanced analysis and design capabilities with premium workspaces. These capabilities are sponsored by Authorized Technology Vendors to help your customers explore next-gen hyperconverged and software-defined infrastructure solutions.

OneIQ Application Components

OneIQ Portal

The OneIQ Portal allows customers to analyze and optimize their IT environments, and collaborate with technology advisors on next-gen Hybrid IT infrastructure solutions using workspaces.

OneIQ Pulse

OneIQ Pulse is an agent-less data collector that continuously captures inventory and performance data from virtualized and traditional IT infrastructure and synchronizes it with the OneIQ Portal.

OneIQ Pulse Uploader
If OneIQ Pulse is installed in offline mode on a machine without outbound Internet connectivity, OneIQ Pulse Uploader can be used on a different, Internet-connected machine to upload snapshots exported from the OneIQ Pulse to the OneIQ Portal.

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