OneIQ Free Edition enables you to collect capacity and inventory data from virtualized and traditional IT infrastructure in your IT environment. Here are the steps for you to get started:

  1. Register in the OneIQ Portal

  2. Go to the Setup Instructions to download the OneIQ Pulse data collector

  3. Deploy OneIQ Pulse and discover target systems in your IT environment

  4. Collaborate with Technology Advisors using workspaces (optional)

Supported Platforms

For a complete list of

  • VMware vCenter/ESXi supported platforms, please click here.

  • Microsoft Windows and Linux supported platforms, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the OneIQ Free Edition made possible?

We created the OneIQ Free Edition to provide continuous visibility into capacity and inventory of IT infrastructure assets without any cost barriers, thanks to generous support from our Authorized Technology Vendor partners (HPE and Lenovo).

Do I have to collaborate with technology advisors?

No, but we encourage you to look at hyperconverged and software-defined infrastructure solutions from HPE and Lenovo as you embark on your datacenter transformation.

Will you sell or share my data?

No, the data from your IT environment belongs to your company. You can decide who can access this data through a workspace and what level of data visibility to provide to your colleagues and technology advisors.

How long can I use the OneIQ Free Edition?

You can use it perpetually to collect capacity and inventory information across your Hybrid IT infrastructure.

Do you plan to charge for OneIQ?

The OneIQ Free Edition will remain free forever. OneIQ provides premium capabilities that are licensed separately.

What are the limitations of Free Edition?

Performance metrics (such as Hyper-V Disk I/O metrics) are not available in the Free version.

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