OneIQ Free Edition enables you to analyze your customers' virtualized and traditional IT infrastructure and help them explore next-gen hyperconverged and software-defined infrastructure solutions. 

Here are the steps for you to get started:

  1. Register in the OneIQ Portal

  2. Create a workspace and invite a customer to join

  3. Analyze the customer's IT environment 

  4. Recommend next-gen IT infrastructure solutions

Sponsored Workspaces

If you work for or partner with an Authorized Technology Vendor, you may have advanced analysis and design capabilities inside sponsored workspaces. To obtain these capabilities, please use your employee or partner single-sign-on (SSO) when registering and using OneIQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the OneIQ Free Edition made possible?

We created the OneIQ Free Edition to help technology advisors analyze customers' IT environments without any cost barriers, thanks to generous support from our Authorized Technology Vendor partners (HPE and Lenovo).

How do I collaborate with customers?

Workspaces allow you to collaborate with customers and for customers to share data from their IT environment with you. If you are using sponsored workspaces, you will have advanced analysis and design capabilities.

Will Authorized Technology Vendors have access to my workspaces?

Yes, the technology vendor sponsoring the workspace will have access to that workspace.

What if my company does not partner with a technology vendor sponsor?

You can still register and use the OneIQ Free Edition.

I work for another technology vendor. Can I still use OneIQ?

Please contact us to inquire about licensing options.

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