OneIQ Pulse will collect data only if the local time on the machine hosting it is synchronized with the time on discovered VMware endpoints. Otherwise a "Clock skew is detected" error will be displayed during endpoint discovery:

Even if NTP is used, VMware ESXi™ hosts may not synchronize with the NTP server without appropriate patches / updates.


Use the VMware vSphere Client to determine the current time on VMware vCenter/ESXi Servers under the System Information section:


  1. VMware vCenter/ESXi Server time is 6:30 UTC.

  2. OneIQ Pulse machine local time is also 6:30 but the time zone is set to UTC+1.

In this situation OneIQ Pulse would not be able to collect data from VMware vCenter/ESXi Server due to a time difference of one hour.


Adjust the time on the OneIQ Pulse machine to match time on the VMware vCenter/ESXi Server.

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