OneIQ Pulse supports offline mode when there is no outbound Internet connectivity for synchronizing data with the OneIQ Portal. Instead, snapshots can be exported periodically from OneIQ Pulse and manually uploaded, from a machine with Internet connectivity, using the OneIQ Pulse Uploader.

Download OneIQ Pulse and Activation File

Open Connectors for your IT environment in the OneIQ Portal to download OneIQ Pulse and the Activation File.

Set up OneIQ Pulse in Offline Mode

1. Move the OneIQ Pulse installer and Activation File to a physical or virtual machine, which will be used for data collection from your IT environment.

Note: If vc_redist.x64.exe (Visual C++ "14" Runtime Libraries) are not installed on the host, please install them before installing OneIQ Pulse

2. Click OneIQ.Pulse.Setup.exe

3. Select Manually (Offline mode)

4. Import Activation File

5. Click OK to complete the installation process

Exporting snapshots

Click the Export button to export a snapshot (.1iq extension) from OneIQ Pulse. Exported snapshots are incremental and can be exported multiple times.

Note: Allow at least 3 hours of offline data collection before exporting the snapshot.

Once you have exported a snapshot from OneIQ Pulse, you can upload it to the OneIQ Portal using the OneIQ Pulse Uploader.

Best Practice: profile the IT environment for at least one day between snapshot exports.

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