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Accepting a OneIQ workspace invitation
Accepting a OneIQ workspace invitation

Learn how to join a OneIQ workspace after receiving an invite from a fellow IT Professional or a Technology Advisor

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OneIQ workspaces enable IT Professionals and Technology Advisors to collaboratively leverage data science to make data-driven cloud and data center decisions.

You will need to have a OneIQ account or to create one so that you can join a OneIQ workspace. If you are connecting your company's IT environment to the workspace, you will also be asked to specify the data visibility settings when you join.

1. View your OneIQ workspace invitation

When a colleague invites you to join a OneIQ workspace, you will receive an invitation via email. Click View Invitation to either accept or decline the invite.

2. Login

Specify your email address and click Continue.

Note: email aliases and unnamed accounts are not allowed in OneIQ. The IT environment owner should be a real user.

Register with OneIQ

If you do not yet have a OneIQ account, fill out the registration form and click Sign up. When registering, make sure to specify the appropriate role for your account so that you receive the right license and functionality in OneIQ:

  • IT Professional: you are part of the DevOps or IT operations team in your organization.

  • Technology Advisor: you help your clients analyze, design and optimize their company's hybrid IT infrastructure and operations.

Confirm your email

After clicking Sign up you will see the following message in the OneIQ Portal:

Click Create Account in the confirmation email. The email should come from OneIQ Portal so if you do not see it, please check your junk mail folder.

Pick your password, agree to OneIQ Terms of Service and OneIQ Privacy Policy and click Create account.

3. Join the OneIQ workspace

Join as a collaborator

Click Join to join the workspace as a collaborator.

Join as an IT environment owner

If you are the IT environment owner for your organization, you will be able to specify data visibility settings when connecting the IT environment to the workspace and click Join.

Click Set up OneIQ Pulse in the left navigation for Setup Instructions on how to deploy the OneIQ Pulse data collector into your IT environment and to start profiling your application workloads and the underlying IT infrastructure.

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