OneIQ Pulse allows creating Demo Workspace for Technology Advisors to familiarize with the OneIQ Portal.

To create a Demo Workspace:

  1. Register on the OneIQ Portal as a Technology Advisor: https://help.oneiq.com/en/articles/3599250-register-as-a-customer

  2. Upon account review, click on the "Create Demo Workspace" button:

    If Technical Advisor account already exists find an option to create a new demo workspace in the Workspaces menu

  3. Attach a demo IT environment from the list of presets:

Note: "Create a demo IT environment and profile it with OneIQ Pulse" option


  • for the Technical Advisor wanting to profile their own IT Environment. It requires Pulse to be downloaded and an IT environment to be profiled in order for the workspace to have data in it

  • only available after Technical Advisor already chose the "Demo ITE (OneIQ)" option (which unlocks the former option).

Demo Workspace will be listed in the Workspaces menu:

Alternatively, once the account is reviewed, a Demo workspace can be created from the Workspaces menu:

  1. Click on the plus button to create a new workspace

  2. For IT Environment, choose "Connect Demo IT Environment"

  3. Select any IT environment

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