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Build apps faster and run them more efficiently, while reducing Hybrid IT operating costs and driving digital transformation with confidence

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OneIQ is a Fullstack Intelligence platform for optimizing application density, placement and price-for-performance across Hybrid IT. It allows you to continuously identify and act on workload optimization, cost-saving and risk-reduction opportunities, with a real-time blueprint of application, infrastructure and network interconnections. Giving you the foresight to meticulously plan and flawlessly execute digital transformations.

Beyond observability

Observability is about looking into the past to fix the present - identifying and resolving issues that already happened. This is why expressions like root cause analysis and mean time to resolution (MTTR) have become so common in the IT vocabulary.

If you're constantly dealing with application performance issues, troubleshooting IT infrastructure anomalies or firefighting outages, then most of your time is probably spent on managing technical debt in your organization. This is stressful and anything but exciting.

Design the future

With OneIQ, you can focus on future-proofing Hybrid IT, so that application and business owners can rapidly pursue growth opportunities, be more responsive to customers and swiftly adapt to constantly-changing market conditions.

How? By predicting and preventing capacity bottlenecks, designing for resilience and scale, and optimizing for cost and performance. In other words, help you shift from remediation to innovation, from observing the past to building better Hybrid IT for your company's tomorrow.

Here are some ways we can enhance your superpowers:

  • Fullstack visualization of application, infrastructure and network dependencies

  • Application performance and resource optimization from edge to cloud

  • Cloud cost benchmarking, optimization and workload repatriation

  • Datacenter capacity expansion, modernization and tech refresh

  • Workload cost optimization and migration planning

Platform pillars

Fullstack Intelligence

As applications become more complex and consume a broader range of internal and external IT resources, it is more challenging to advance and modernize each layer of the stack. OneIQ Law: Each action, at the application or infrastructure layer, will result in multiple reactions elsewhere in the stack.

If we visualize the stack as a graph of interconnected entities (nodes) spanning application and infrastructure layers, then each change will propagate through many edges in the graph. For example, migrating or right-sizing a VM may impact cost, performance, efficiency and resilience of several applications, source and target platforms.

This is why it is of great importance to understand interconnections in every transformation. Otherwise, changes may result in unintended consequences, with far-reaching impact on other teams - the cost of errors and outages is simply too high.

With its 360-degree, through-the-layers, full-stack clarity, OneIQ gives you, and everyone in your team, an instant complete view of applications, infrastructure and operations. Augmented with intelligent cross-domain correlation, AI-driven optimization and design recommendations โ€“ we can help you drive digital transformation with confidence, governance and predictability.

Hybrid everything


Whether you are deploying traditional applications composed of virtual machines, or leaping cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift, we've got you covered.

Want to instrument your apps using OpenTelemetry? No problem - simply push metrics, traces and logs to OneIQ for in-depth application-to-infrastructure analysis, correlation and cost optimization.


If you're running applications on-premises, at the edge or in the cloud, OneIQ provides a single pane of glass across leading platforms:

  • Cloud: AWS, Azure, GCP

  • HCI: Azure Stack HCI, Nutanix, VMware vSAN

  • Virtualization: Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere

This allows you to see Hybrid IT infrastructure in one place, without the need to manually consolidate data from vendor-specific interfaces and tools.


With the proliferation of platforms and technologies, it's rare for any one team to have all the expertise for every decision. Increasingly, distributed teams need to work together with a shared context across several applications-infrastructure stacks. OneIQ makes this seamless and secure, even when those teams include members from outside of your organization.

Work as one

With OneIQ, close collaboration and shared ownership happen naturally, allowing teams to be more agile, innovative and responsive while building a DevOps culture with greater transparency and trust. Using a single, secure interface, everyone can benefit from mutual, forward-thinking insights, and understand how their work fits into the big picture.

Need to augment your expertise with the help of trusted advisors and suppliers? It's easy - simply invite them into a workspace, specify data visibility policies and start collaborating. No need to give external users access to your systems, set up VPNs or ship data to third parties.

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