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Product Concepts

Learn about the core components and concepts in OneIQ

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OneIQ Account is a top-level entity for organizing users, IT environments and workspaces. Each user can be a member or an owner of one or more accounts:

  • Owners can see all workspaces

  • Members have access to

IT environment and workspace creation privileges depend on account and user settings, and license(s) associated with the account.

IT Environments

Each IT environment stores:

  • Billing data from AWS, Azure and GCP

  • Application metrics, traces and logs streamed to OneIQ Central using OpenTelemetry

  • Infrastructure configuration, performance and network data from cloud, cloud-native and datacenter platforms profiled by OneIQ Pulse connector(s)

Each IT environment is visible to users inside the OneIQ account it is part of and inside the OneIQ workspaces it is connected to.


Workspaces enable internal teams, trusted advisors and suppliers to have a secure, shared context around a connected IT environment. Eliminating the need to give users access to internal systems, setting up VPNs or shipping data to third parties.

With OneIQ workspaces, you can decide which platforms and IT asset information is relevant for your team and use data visibility policies to structure access to the connected IT environment.

Workspaces are great for continuous, cross-team collaboration. They can also be used for projects, professional and managed services.

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