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Platform Components

Learn about OneIQ platform components

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There are three components in the OneIQ software-as-a-service platform:

OneIQ Pulse

Agentless connector for capturing configuration, performance and network telemetry across cloud, cloud-native, hyper-converged, virtualized and physical IT infrastructure. Each OneIQ Pulse is connected to an IT environment using a unique connection key.

There are three flavours of OneIQ Pulse:


  • AWS, deployed using a CloudFormation template.

  • Azure, deployed using an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template.

  • GCP, deployed using a Jinja template.

Network flows supported for AWS and Azure.


Deployed using a 1iq manifest for Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift.


  • Deployed on a single Microsoft Windows Server virtual machine with outbound network connectivity over SSL.

  • Supported platforms: Azure Stack HCI, Microsoft Clusters and Hyper-V, Nutanix and VMware vSphere / vSAN.

  • Network flow support

    • IPFIX

    • JFlow and NetFlow 5-7, 9

OneIQ Central

Data warehouse for storing data collected by OneIQ Pulse in Microsoft Azure cloud storage with encryption-at-rest.

OneIQ Portal

Web-based interface for analyzing cloud-native and traditional applications across Hybrid IT infrastructure by querying application, billing, infrastructure and network data from OneIQ Central.

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