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Creating a workspace
Creating a workspace

Learn how to use workspaces to collaborate with colleagues and trusted advisors

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You must be part of a OneIQ account with a license that allows workspace creation.


Workspaces enable internal teams, trusted advisors and suppliers to have a secure, shared context around a connected IT environment. Eliminating the need to give users access to internal systems, setting up VPNs or shipping data to third parties.

With OneIQ workspaces, you can decide which platforms and IT asset information is relevant for your team and use data visibility policies to structure access to the connected IT environment.

Getting started

  1. Login to the OneIQ Portal

  2. Select Workspaces in the left navigation menu

  3. In the Basic information section, specify the name, description, country and currency

Demo workspace

To create a workspace for demonstration or training purposes, select the Demo workspace checkbox so that a demo IT environment can be attached to the new workspace.


Invite your team

Select your existing connections in the Team section to invite them to collaborate with you inside the workspace. You can find them by name or email using the search bar.

Invite others

To invite other other users, specify their email addresses in the Invites section.


Once you click the Create button in the bottom right corner, workspace invitations will be sent to your team and other users specified. Any user who joins the workspace can connect their IT environment.

If you'd like a specific user to connect their IT environment, we suggest asking them to do so in advance. Once the IT environment is connected to the workspace, all workspace members will have a shared view of this IT environment based on access policies specified by the user who connects it.

Once everyone joins, you can work as one in OneIQ.

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