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Billing Data from Amazon Web Services
Billing Data from Amazon Web Services

Learn how to enable AWS Cost and Usage report so that OneIQ Pulse can capture billing data from Amazon Web Services

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OneIQ correlates application and infrastructure costs using billing information from AWS. To capture this information, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click Create Report

  2. Specify Report - name as oneiq-cost

  3. Confirm that Refresh automatically option is checked and click Next

  4. Click Configure to configure the S3 bucket

  5. Select existing bucket and click Browse S3

  6. Specify oneiq-cost in the S3 Bucket Selector and click Save

  7. Enable The following default policy will be applied to your bucket

  8. Click Save

  9. Report delivery options should be set as follows:

    • S3 path prefix should be set to oneiq-cost-

    • Report data time granularity should be set to Hourly

    • Report versioning should be Create new report version

    • Compression type should be ZIP

  10. Click Next

  11. Review and Create report

  12. The following message will be displayed if the report is created successfully and cost metrics should be visible in the Costs tab of OneIQ Portal within 24 hours:

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