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Accepting a workspace invitation
Accepting a workspace invitation

Learn how to join a workspace and start collaborating around a connected IT environment with your team

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When a colleague invites you to join a workspace in OneIQ, you will receive an email with a View Invitation link to join. If you are already registered in OneIQ, you will be able to join the workspace right away. Otherwise, you will need to register.


Here is a sample workspace invitation email:

If you are already registered in OneIQ, you can also see an invitation in the Invites section of the left navigation menu. Click Join to accept the invitation.

Connecting a new IT environment

If you're responsible for the IT environment, you can join the workspace and then click Create IT environment on the Analyze tab of the workspace:

Specify the name of the IT environment, and the default currency and click Create.

Once you create the IT environment, click Workspaces in the left navigation menu and select the workspace you were invited to.

Connecting an existing IT environment

If an IT environment has not been attached to the workspace, you can do so by clicking Attach.

Then select the IT environment from the dropdown and scope data access using the following policies:

  • Platforms

  • Applications

  • Costs

  • Time

Asset-identifiable data such as hostnames can be scrambled. You and your colleagues from the same OneIQ account will continue to have access to unscrambled data.

Click Confirm to connect the IT environment.

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