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Learn how to use OneIQ workspaces to securely collaborate with your colleagues, trusted advisors and suppliers

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Workspaces enable internal teams, trusted advisors and suppliers to have a secure, shared context around a connected IT environment. Eliminating the need to give users access to internal systems, setting up VPNs or shipping data to third parties.

OneIQ is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and uses patented Secure Data Collaboration technology to secure access to each Hybrid IT connected to a workspace based on specified access policies.

With OneIQ workspaces, you can decide which platforms and IT asset information is relevant for your team and use data access policies to structure access to the connected IT environment.

Workspaces are great for continuous, cross-team collaboration. They can also be used for projects, professional and managed services.

Creating a workspace

If you are part of a OneIQ account with a license that allows workspace creation:

  1. Login to the OneIQ Portal

  2. Select Workspaces in the left navigation menu

If you'd like a specific user to connect their IT environment, we suggest asking them to do so in advance. Once the IT environment is connected to the workspace, all workspace members will have a shared view of this IT environment based on access policies specified by the user who connects it.

Learn more about creating a workspace.

Joining a workspace

When a colleague invites you to join a workspace in OneIQ, you will receive an email with a View Invitation link to join. If you are already registered in OneIQ, you will be able to join the workspace right away. Otherwise, you will need to register in the OneIQ Portal.

Learn more about accepting a workspace invitation.

OneIQ workspaces allow IT professionals and technology advisors to collaboratively analyze IT environments and design cost-optimized hybrid IT infrastructure solutions to support the required application workloads.

To learn how to create a workspace to discover OneIQ Portal capabilities see the Creating OneIQ Workspace article.

Access Policies

The following policies can be used to control access to a Hybrid IT environment connected to a workspace:

  • Platforms

  • Applications

  • Costs

  • Time

Asset-identifiable data such as hostnames can be scrambled. You and your colleagues from the same OneIQ account will continue to have access to unscrambled data.

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