OneIQ workspaces allow IT professionals and technology advisors to collaboratively analyze IT environments and design cost-optimized hybrid IT infrastructure solutions to support the required application workloads.

Why use workspaces to control access to IT environments?

IT environments contain sensitive information about application workloads and the underlying IT infrastructure. Most organizations are willing to provide access to this data in a time-bound context with data visibility restrictions, without shipping the underlying data to third-parties or providing direct IT infrastructure access.

Workspaces allow organizations to securely enable analysis of their IT environments, while restricting access period and data visibility. For example, IT asset information may be scrambled or hidden altogether. This allows organizations to quickly enable collaboration among internal employees and trusted technology advisors, without putting their IT environments at risk or violating internal policies and procedures.

Your data, you are in control

Data in IT environments belongs to their respective organization and is considered confidential information. OneIQ protects this data and offers access controls for specifying which IT professionals and technology advisors may analyze the IT environment through a workspace. 

ISO/IEC 27001

We are so serious about protecting your data that OneIQ has been ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

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