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Learn how to use OneIQ Pulse to discover VMware vCenter or VMware ESXi™ hosts to profile clusters, datacenters, datastores, hosts and VMs

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OneIQ Pulse for Datacenter supports collection of configuration and performance data, from VMware vCenter and standalone VMware ESXi hosts, for VMware vSphere and VMware vSAN clusters, datacenters, datastores, hosts and virtual machines. Network flows can also be captured from VMware vSphere Distributed Switches.

The following versions are supported:

  • VMware vCenter Server: 5.5 and up

  • VMware vSphere: 5.5 and up

  • VMware vSAN: 6.0 and up


VMware vCenter Statistics Settings

Here are the minimum Statistics Settings for VMware vCenter:

  • Interval Duration: 30 minutes

  • Save For: 1 week

  • Statistics Level: Level 1

For additional information on configuring Statistics Settings in VMware vCenter, please see the following VMware articles:


  • A network path must exist from OneIQ Pulse to VMware vCenter Servers or standalone VMware ESXi hosts. By default, VMware uses HTTPS on port 443.

  • Network flows passing through VMware vSphere Distributed Switches can be captured using the embedded network flow collector in OneIQ Pulse. By default it is configured to receive network flows on port 9995.

Discover VMware vCenter or VMware ESXi

Open the OneIQ Pulse console and follow the steps below:

  1. In the Select Discovery Target, choose VMware vCenter or ESXi Server

  2. Enter the following information:

    1. FQDN hostname or IP as Hostname or IP address for

      • VMware vCenter or

      • Standalone VMware ESXi host (not managed by VMware vCenter)

    2. Read-only Username and Password

  3. Click Create to initiate discovery

  4. Add a certificate to the trusted list if the VMware vCenter or VMware ESXi host is being discovered for the first time by clicking Trust

  5. Upon successful discovery, a new VMware tile will appear in the Dashboard with the following information:

    • Hostname or IP address

    • Username

    • Status

Repeat the steps above for each VMware vCenter or standalone VMware ESXi host.

OneIQ Pulse only displays tiles for discovered VMware endpoints. Configuration and performance data for VMware clusters, datacenters, datastores, hosts and virtual machines is available in the OneIQ Portal.

VMware ESXi host limitations

Standalone VMware ESXi hosts can be discovered only if they are not managed by VMware vCenter. Otherwise, OneIQ Pulse will show the following message:

VMware ESXi server with address [IP Address] is managed by VMware vCenter [IP Address] and cannot be monitored directly.

Storage capacity metrics of datastores and virtual machines will be missing for standalone VMware ESXi hosts.

What's next?

Use OneIQ Pulse to discover other supported datacenter platforms and collect network flows to identify network dependencies.

Cloud-native platforms inside the datacenter can be connected using the following OneIQ Pulse connectors:

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