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Learn how to use OneIQ Pulse to discover Prism Central

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OneIQ Pulse allows Nutanix Prism Central endpoints to be discovered by IP or hostname using an authorized read-only user account. Discovering Nutanix Prism Central allows monitoring the resources of all managed clusters, hosts, VMs and storage containers.

Discovering a Nutanix Prism Central

  1. In the IT environment, go to the "Connectors" tab

  2. Depending on the portal, either click on the Nutanix logo

    or click on the "Download OneIQ Pulse"

  3. In the "On-premise or private cloud" menu click on the "Download OneIQ Pulse" button to download OneIQ Pulse agent-less data collector to connect your on-premise physical or virtual datacenters and private clouds.

  4. For automatic data synchronization, copy the connection key and paste it into OneIQ Pulse for online activation and for automatic data synchronization with the OneIQ Portal.

  5. In the Select Discovery Target menu, choose Nutanix.

  6. Specify Prism Central address, port, username and password and click on the "Create" button.

  7. You will need to add a certificate to the trusted list if Prism Central is being discovered for the first time by clicking the "Trust" button.

Viewing discovered Nutanix endpoints

Upon successful discovery, a new endpoint tile will appear on the Dashboard screen and display the IP address or FQDN, credentials used and the current endpoint status.

OneIQ Pulse does not display tiles for individual virtual machines or other managed resources. This detailed information is only available in the OneIQ Portal. OneIQ Pulse is designed to collect detailed inventory and performance data for core resources managed by Nutanix Prism Central (clusters, hosts, virtual machines, storage containers).

Note: To report the OS of the VMs running on the Nutanix cluster, Nutanix Guest Tools have to be installed.

Supported Versions

  • Prism Central - pc.2020.7 and up

  • AOS version - 5.15.3 and up

  • Hypervisors:

    • AHV - 20170830 and up

    • ESXi - 6.7 and up

Note: An example of a supported Prism Central interface can be seen below:

Data Collection Requirements


Read-only user for Nutanix Prism Central, which can list all entities and gather their performance data and capacity usage.

Endpoint Lifecycle


When the Create button is clicked, OneIQ Pulse will attempt to discover the specified hostname or IP address and check if Nutanix Prism Central responds. The discovery process typically takes less than 10 minutes. During this time, OneIQ Pulse connects to the Nutanix API and attempts to log in and identify the target endpoint.


If the endpoint is successfully discovered, OneIQ Pulse will

  • Set its status to Detected and

  • Automatically schedule inventory and performance data collection tasks


After a baseline of inventory and performance data is collected, OneIQ Pulse will switch the endpoint status to Collecting and continue gathering

  • Performance data every 5 minutes

  • Inventory data every 1 hour

Each operation usually takes less than a minute but may take longer in larger environments managed by Prism Central.

Best Practice: Check data collection after 3-4 hours to ensure that all endpoints are still being successfully monitored.

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