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Microsoft Hyper-V

Learn how to use the OneIQ Pulse to discover Microsoft Hyper-V clusters, hosts and virtual machines

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OneIQ Pulse for Datacenter supports collection of configuration and performance data from Microsoft Hyper-V clusters and standalone hosts. The following versions are supported:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016, or higher

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016, or higher, with a Hyper-V role


Discover Microsoft Hyper-V clusters

Open the OneIQ Pulse console and follow the steps below:

  1. In the Select Discovery Target menu, choose Microsoft Hyper-V

  2. Enter the following information:

    1. Cluster FQDN or cluster virtual IP as Hostname or IP address. Standalone hostname or IP can also be used.

    2. Username and Password

  3. Click Create to initiate Microsoft Hyper-V cluster discovery

  4. Upon successful discovery, a new Microsoft Hyper-V tile will appear in the Dashboard with the following information:

    • Hostname or IP address

    • Username

    • Status

What's next?

Use OneIQ Pulse to discover other supported datacenter platforms and collect network flows to identify network dependencies.

Cloud-native platforms inside the datacenter can be connected using the following OneIQ Pulse connectors:

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